17 May, 2007

the war on oil

How did that Gas-out work for you?

Did you save $1 the next time you filled up, or did it cost $1 more than the last time?

Did you, when you were penetrating your gas tank with that rapist pump feel some extra guilt? Where does that gas come from, anyway? Does it come from a country that slices off women's labias to prevent them from enjoying sex? Perhaps one of the oil magnates' cousins tragically died on September 11, 2001,.. while piloting an airplane into the World Trade Center.

For far too long radical right-wing extremists in our country have been using tragic events to justify their war on freedom. On a Sunday morning in December of 1941 we were attacked by the Japanese. Our response was to intern every Japanese-American we could find in an act that is universally reviled as anti-Democratic and anti-freedom.

Unlike the Japanese in the 1940s, terrorists in our day and age are a real threat. Our military leaders and top political advisers know this, not just because of the carnage of Beirut, the Gulf of Arabia or the World Trade Center, but because we train and enable them in pursuit of our lazy energy policy.

Some people say that questioning our questionable foreign policy is "blaming America first." A reasonable, intelligent adult should be able to discern that the victim of an horrendous attack like the September 11, 2001 attacks must have somehow invited that attack. So, let's "blame America first."

Let's do that and figure out what we did wrong and FUCKING FIX IT.

My first step would be to stop giving billions upon billions of dollars to countries that slice up their womens' genitals.

Am I crazy to think that?

ETA - I'm "edgy"