12 September, 2007

Suck it, Jesus

Right on, Kathy.

First, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences snubs the finest TV show ever made, The Wire. Then, they censor Kathy Griffin for her comments accepting an Emmy.

Fuck. The. Emmy's.

As usual, the same cadre of fat-headed, misogynistic, intolerant Cathlo-fascist creeps are up in arms: Bill Donahue, Pat Robertson, the idiots on Faux News. Does no one see the irony, no, the hypocrisy of the same group of people decrying censorship of Mohamed cartoons and calling for the censorship of statements made against their religion? Well, anyone besides Glenn Greenwald, that is.

This all goes to show that the Right is nothing more than a bunch of thin-skinned, alarmist, scared shitless pansies who can't take a joke and feel so insecure in their faith and sexuality as to have to take it out on everyone else (normal, sane people).

Fuck YOU Bill Donahue,

Fuck YOU Jesus,

Fuck YOU Mohamed,


Fuck YOU Emmy's.