04 July, 2010

Still standing.

I'll chalk it up as a coincidence that I got laid off after taunting my nemesis to "get me fired".

What I did with my 5-figure severance is the subject of another post, possibly on another blog altogether. Some of it is NC-17.

I took a job promising working from home, and have since spent 4 of the last 5 weeks in an area north of Hollywood, working for another huge company (as a subcontractor), for a big pharmaceutical company who laid off most of their workers and is now regretting outsourcing their IT.

Folks.. you need to keep your IT in house. The outsourced contract people don't give a fuck about much more than meeting the goals set forth in the contract. In house IT people care, in part because they know if they fuck up bad enough then their checks will stop coming because there is no more company. Contractors just move on to the next victim.

The last company I worked for bought the cool company I thought I was getting hired at. The bought the cool company, drove it into the ground, and released their own product; this was, as predicted, a total fucking failure.

That sort of eclipses the "major, newsworthy outage" that I suffered through despite being one of a chorus of voices saying "don't do this, slow down". In large part the senior management created the circumstances under which the service utterly failed. Certainly, those in management would disagree. I will and can prove point by point that they are wrong, if I cared anymore. I don't, and I won't get specific because the matter is tied up in litigation.

I'm up at 5AM Sunday morning because that's the time I've been waking up.. and because I fell asleep on the couch listening to the Decemberists and was woken up by my roommate while "Star Witness" by Neko Case played. She didn't want me to turn it down or off. She wanted me to play her live album from "Austin City Limits".

"Wayfaring Stranger" sung by Neko Case is truly stunning. Check it out.