01 November, 2007

Wait, what?

The piece of tooth fell out after game 1, where I after who knows how many agonizing moves finally checkmated my roommate(*).

On Halloween.

I was literally on the third pack of Smarties when I felt something weird.


I thought to myself,

"The factory must have fucked up, because one of these Smarties has a crunchy part."

I pulled the candy and everything else out of my mouth, and looked at the offending chunk of hardness. That's right around the same time my tongue found the gaping hole in the interior side of one of my right molars.


My roommate went to bed, but I'm loosing as white: I have her queen, one rook, one bishop, one knight and two pawns but she has my queen, one rook, one knight and four pawns, and a positional advantage.

The point is, (1) Happy Halloween and (2) brush AND FLOSS..