21 July, 2008

Datacenter Confidential: Working in the Bigs

Part of being a good, career-minded systems administrator is knowing when to hold 'em, and knowing when to fold 'em. Knowing when to walk away, and knowing when to run.

I quit my last gig in March. Part of the calculus of leaving a job which pays 6 figures in the Bay Area is having another one lined up; quickly. With rent at $2100/month, money disappears very fast if you don't jump from one job to another, and without the safety net I once had in previous jobs, I needed to cover my bases.

My last day at the former job was on that Friday, and the next Monday I started at the new job.

Initially, when talks began with my soon-to-be new employer, I was jumping from a faltering start-up with budget and management problems to a well-funded, well established start-up on the cusp of a possibly very lucrative public offering. But, during the vetting process, an industry giant came along and gobbled up the company which was courting me -- temporarily making me weigh the implications: working for a large organization, pro- and con.

I started the new job mere weeks before the closing of the buyout deal. I stepped off the precipice. I was committed. Now, I was playing in the big league.

And here's what I'm building out, now:



(That's my man G in the foreground)..

And of course we want to avoid doing this:

(That's famous internets villain "invalid media" in the foreground. Ph34r.)

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