10 August, 2008

The Change You Deserve

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Of course, its not just Republicans. Harold Ford Jr, head of the Republicans in Democrats clothing "Democratic Leadership Council" famously said "the constitution doesn't poll well."

If that doesn't sum up the failure of the American body politic, and its constituency, surely the flat "Money Bomb" of the Accountability Now PAC is further evidence.

On the entire Internet, only 2300 people could be bothered to contribute money to be used to hold politicians feet to the fire for their failures on FISA, the Global War on Terror, torture and so on. On the anniversary of Richard M Nixon's resignation, and here, 34 years later, we collectively shrug.


Once again, and near Alexandria, our empire feeds it's coffers with foreign riches. Abroad, too many of us for too long have been tempted to shield ourselves under the banner SPQA - Senatus Populus Que Americanus.


Debineezer said...

Now that you are on my radar (um, how did that happen?), I will have to steal "the constitution doesn't poll well" for tomorrow's screen name. It's especially appropriate given that I'm in the middle of the 4th season of The West Wing. It just sounds like something Josh would say.

Debineezer said...

I've now directing all 1.7 of my daily readership toward your site.