23 March, 2007

Covetous Likudniks

Did Ahmadinejad call for Israel to be "wiped off the map?"

Not according to several Farsi translators. [ETA, also over http://alternet.org/mediaculture/49416/ - here]

In other news, Israel now has a MySpace Profile. Apparantly Israel wants to meet scores of anorexic teenage models.

Anyway, I guess Israel is starting to feel some PR strain, perhaps because some people in the United States of military service age are starting to become suspicious that the leading cheerleaders for the Iraq and new-fangled, to-be-announced Iran wars all seem to be AIPAC or Likud affiliated lobbyists and think tanks.. so, "relax guy, look over here!"

And of course, it helps to have the big, bad US military in a fight if your domestic and foreign policy attitude can be summed up as:

* woe is us, we are surrounded by enemies on all sides!
* palestinians are dirt people
* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY (car|house|settlement|West bank) MOTHERFUCKER OR I'LL SHOOT YOU!

Edit 19:57 PDT 23rd March 2007 - Found this link on stumbleupon - http://www.iranchamber.com/literature/articles/history_literature.php

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