24 March, 2007

From the Country That Brought us the Holocaust and Amputee Bondage Scat Porn..

This is a placeholder to talk about the Judge Christa Datz-Winter decision -- once I read up on it and form an opinion further than gut-wrenching disgust.

..okay. Here's my gut reaction, and since this is a blog we can get away with this sort of innuendo -- in fact, it's often encouraged to just make shit up and talk out of your fucking loser ass.. but anyway: I smell a payola.

But maybe not. According the Associate Press, the Vice-president of the court Berhard Olp (don't you love German names?), Judge Datz-Winter had issued a restraining order against the husband but was reluctant to fast-track the divorce due to costs.

So then, why not *say* that the fast-tracking is denied due to it being cost-prohibative? Why come up with some absurdly worded decision that flies in the face of everything Western civilization considers decent: spouses do not beat each other; we do not subjugate women!

Germany, of all places, should be particularly sensitive to the message this decision sends to the world, regardless of how innocuous it may have been in the context of the case. Using the Koran to justify being glib or dismissive about the abuse of women, a real crisis in the world, is not only obscene, its dangerous. Look at what happens when we interpret religious texts to justify all order of inhumane, murderous, dastardly deeds -- the most extreme example of which was felt in this country 6 years ago.

At the very least, this sort of professional misconduct on the part of Datz-Winter should not go unpunished.

ETA - The case will be reassigned. Now, this is an interesting tidbit:

Judge Datz-Winter declined to comment for this article. But a spokesman for the court, Bernhard Olp, said the judge did not intend to suggest that violence in a marriage is acceptable or that the Koran supersedes German law. "The ruling is not justifiable, but the judge herself cannot explain it at this moment," he said.

Judge Datz-Winter narrowly avoided being killed 10 years ago in a case involving a man and woman whose relationship had come apart. The man emptied a gun in her courtroom — killing his former partner and wounding her lawyer. The judge survived by diving under her desk.

German newspapers have speculated that the ordeal may have affected her judgment in this case, a suggestion that the court spokesman denied.

From richarddawkins.net.

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