20 June, 2007

White People Suck

Haha: http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0724,tucker,76913,2.html

Is this real, or some surreal parody? You decide:
After more speeches about white flight, white fear, and white power, the meeting adjourned for what Kelso described as "a white man's feast." Single file, the crowd moved down a doubtful flight of stairs into a dank basement. The perimeter of the room was crowded with discarded computers circa 1990, stacked upon a heap of unused old furniture. Two fold-out tables held the repast: hot dogs, hamburgers, slices of American cheese, tubs of pre-prepared macaroni and potato salads, iceberg lettuce, and Lay's potato chips. There was only one kind of bread available: white. Lindstrom stayed at the grill outside, flipping hamburger patties, while everyone else ate dinner inside, away from protesters' cameras.

administrivia: new "datacenter confidential" soon. just let me get through this fucking week in one piece :(

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The D.L. said...

oh mercy, i think it's both