19 July, 2007

Datacenter Confidential #5

Why is baking bread, or brewing beer better than systems adminstration?

When making bread, you have millions of yeast cells eating sugar and dividing in an orderly fashion. They expel alcohol and carbon dioxide.

When system administrating, you have billions of (and sometimes trillions of) resistors blinking on and off in an orderly fashion, but you have dozens of idiotic human beings telling you to do one thing, do another, often completely in contradiction of one another; worse, you have to find a way to secure each of those precious bits in spite of the idiots who are telling you what to do with them.

Bread rises. Beer ferments. Dot-coms fuck you in the ass. Over and over and over again.

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The D.L. said...

oh dear.

shall i bring the arms?f3arlessclp!