28 July, 2007

We (They) Are Fighting Them Over There

On this week's Bill Moyers Journal, a montage of young, college aged Republicans show each of them, in lockstep, answering the question of why we are fighting in Iraq with the Party Line of "We Are Fighting Them Over There So We Won't Be Fighting Them Over Here."

Nevermind "they" being al Qaeda represents a small minority of the armed insurgents "we" are fighting in Iraq, who is "we" anyway?

Well, "we" is not the hawkish youngsters polled by the reporter in the segment: each young adult who had said they favored our continued presence in Iraq, one by one, listed off excuse after excuse as to why they were not serving in Iraq. Only one claimed to have a medical issue, the rest were fit, coiffed, healthy men and women, ages from 19 to 25.

Perhaps they were afraid that their hair would get ruffled.

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