07 August, 2007

"What's wrong with America, and what will you do to change it?"


The question was asked by Steve Skvara tonight at Soldier Field during the MSNBC Democratic Presidential Debates hosted by Keith Olbermann.

1) We live in a country whose political dialog is dominated by non-issues like gay marriage and teaching "intelligent design".

2) We live in a country where 7 figure earning lobbyist cook up terms like "death tax" and "tax relief" to sell policies which grant billions in corporate welfare and tax benefits to the very rich.

3) We live in a country who can spend 10 figures on research on a stealth warplane, 14 figures (a one with 14 zeros) on a war of choice and have 50,000,000 (that's 8 figures) Americans without health insurance, 9,000,000 of them are children.

4) Three words: No Child Left Behind

5) Farm subsidies that only benefit large agribusiness like Cargill, ADM, ConAgra Foods and the like, but keep actually farmers in perpetual debt, and keep our children swimming in high fructose corn syrup.

6) We live in a society that allows government to interfere with the reproductive rights of over half of its citizens, a society that believes that the answer to sexually transmitted disease is to pick the worst, least effective method and run with it (abstinence).

7) We live in a country where corporations are no longer held to their promises such as good stewardship, honoring pensions and working with labor instead of against labor.

8) We live in a country where creditors are allowed to pursue the poor and middle class with impunity and with the most predatory, underhanded practices our nation has ever seen.

9) We live in a country where fear trumps common sense and the most deeply held founding principals of open government, checks and balances and the voice of the people are ignored in favor of secrecy, unitary and monarchical power and the voice of the few elite.

What? Revolution. When? Now.

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