25 January, 2008

State of the Union

End the tax cuts for the rich, and for corporations.

If they don't want to pay, then they don't get to profit off of our backs.

End the war now. Bring the troops home tomorrow. End support of Israel, Saudi Arabia, China. End the sale of weapons to everyone, to both sides of every conflict.

Tax churches. That's right, all of them. They are either religion or they are Business, they can't be both. Throw all of the bums in jail -- from Earnest Angeley to Pat Robertson, David Miscavidge to Tom Cruise to David Eicke. All of them, for fraud. No more free passes.

No telecom amnesty. Amnesty for anyone who makes less than $200,000 per year who evaded taxes for the last 20 years, no questions asked.

A Reproductive Rights amendment to the Constitution, barring any state from regulating a woman's uterus.

A real Equal Rights Amendment, barring the states from discriminating against gays, lesbians and transsexuals, their partner rights, or their rights as parents or adoptive guardians.

If you drive a car that has an MPG less than 30 on the highway after 2010, you will pay an additional 10% sales tax to fund green energy. If you drive a car that gets less than 100 MPG on the highway by 2015, the tax goes up.

That should get some fucking jobs back in Detroit, McCain.

If you cheat on organized labor by moving your factories to China, Malaysia, Mexico or India, then your products will be levied heavily when you try to "import" them. The Justice Department will aggressively pursue a war of attrition on unfair labor practices: you have been warned, Cargill, Con-Agra, Walmart, Safeway, and the rest of the bums.

Teachers will be paid like doctors. But their tenure can be revoked by committee if they do not live up to measurable standards. No school vouchers. Every child in every neighborhood has the absolute right to the best education possible. This is what "no child left behind" should mean.

Eviscerate the Defense Budget. Use that money to pay reparations to descendants of slaves. Use it to pay for education and health care. Stop funding wars. Stop funding oppression. Reparations now.

Maybe then, America will start to be back on track.

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