12 February, 2008

Our Allies, Saudi Arabia, and their ilk

This post is dedicated to the thin skinned, weak willed morons who are fundamentalist Islamics. You know, the ones who get their panties in a bunch over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed?

Fact: Mohamed, if he ever existed in person was,

  • a pedophile

    That is what you call someone who marries their 9-year old cousin.

  • insane

    That is what you call someone who sees a horse with a man's head and hears voices.

  • a war mongerer

    But who wasn't back them. Don't get me started on what a certain other tribe did to everyone in Canaan a few centuries back.

    Muslims.. you worship Mohamed as bad as Christians worship Jesus. You claim not to, but you do, apparently some misogynistic maniac version of him. How else do you explain honor killings, labial mutilation and the burqa? What, are you afraid of girls?

    The word of Allah? Is meaningless. Allah is a figment of your imagination.

    Now, I can allow someone to embrace whatever irrational fantasy they want to, until and unless it starts to impinge on human rights.

    Islam -- erase yourself.

    You already worship an imaginary god. Start playing nice in the real world. Mohamed, if he existed, was a delusional child abuser.

    Fuck Allah. Fuck Mohamed. Fuck Jesus, Moses and Abraham.
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