02 May, 2008

Datacenter Confidential - Brawndo

Does alcohol and IRC mix? You decide.

<chr1s> security through obscurity has been an unmitigated disaster for microsoft
<stim> less garbage out there tailered for you
<Adversary> linux himself said it, you shouldnt have to deal with the os. you shouldnt know its there.
<stim> linus is a tool
<chr1s> agreed
<stim> who was never in line with linux
<Adversary> heh
<stim> stallman is far more "linux" than linus can ever hope to be
<badlogic> windows 9 microsoft linux :)
<stim> for the argument consider linux being a collection of apps, not just the kernel
<Adversary> anyways... this all misses the point...
<stim> that you have a retarded troll
<stim> about licensing of other peoples software?
<Adversary> i say we trolled eachother
<stim> u trolled my nuts, with your mouth
<chr1s> i like how the linux community at large keeps declaring the death of zfs, and everyone else keeps ignoring them
<Adversary> we know where we stand and why
<Adversary> and your opinion is that of a facist hippy!
<stim> zfs is dead
<chr1s> tell that to my managers
<stim> whats their emails
<chr1s> actually, dont
<chr1s> and here's why
<stim> :P
<chr1s> zfs is easy to manage
<chr1s> like, ridicukously easy
<chr1s> and freebsd is building full support into the 8.0 kernel
<chr1s> prediction: in 6-9 months, the linux community will declare zfs as the next best thing
<chr1s> you heard it here first, bitches
<stim> shah
<stim> try zfs+
<chr1s> next time you google something to figure out what i'm talking about, try not to make it totally obvious
<stim> zfs+ isnt real
<chr1s> neither is RAID45
<stim> either is the cake
<chr1s> be the spoon
<Adversary> as a local filesystem will the server side ppl really like it that much?
<Adversary> or am i missing something?
<chr1s> zfs+nfs or zfs+iscsi
<chr1s> also, local only is a misnomer
<chr1s> zfs is agnostic about underlaying block devices
<chr1s> anyway, its legitimate enough that we have iscsi vlans designed into our back wires
<chr1s> mostly for oracle RAC
<chr1s> so, to say zfs is dead is at best premature
<chr1s> and at worst completely wrong and fucking retarded
<stim> what if one were to say it was gay
<chr1s> you'd be right
<chr1s> but gay as in fashion, art and music, not gay as in bad and weak
<Adversary> looks very interesting tho
<Adversary> have a good doc on it? the wiki is lacking
<chr1s> go to docs.sun.com and check their whitesheet out
<stim> trusting sun
<stim> fools!
<chr1s> sun.. the tech industry's scrappy hanger on
<chr1s> just like hillary!
<stim> bbl, cartoons
<chr1s> man, every time i see an IHOP commercial i think to myself "no wonder america has a diabetes epidemic"
<Adversary> heh. lifeforce holds up
<chatboss> wl
<Adversary> click and clack are in a movie
<Adversary> Car of the Future: Engineering for the Environment
<chr1s> saw it
<chr1s> you need to watch more pbs
<Adversary> i watch alot of pbs. having no cable tv and all
<chr1s> i tivoed it last week
<chr1s> it was interesting, but i wish it went into more detail
<chr1s> like, exactly how much fossil fuel is expended just growing corn for ethanol, and the intrenched system of corporate welfare that surrounds the corn industry in the US
<chr1s> and how hydrogen fuel cells also require an expenditure of energy to dope the hydrogen atoms with electrons
<chr1s> things they touch on but don't really dig deep into
<Adversary> these things are always like that
<chr1s> frontline is at least reliably detailed
<chr1s> they've been dumbing down nova for years
<chr1s> critical analysis is a lost art
<Adversary> brando
<chr1s> brawndo
<Adversary> brawndo
<chr1s> its got electrolytes, which your body craves

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