20 June, 2008

Datacenter Confidential - Sysadmins are insane

23:34 <chris> wow, it is unbearably hot in my apartment. i couldnt sleep if i tried tonight
23:34 <lance> blah, try having to sleep in the day as your room slowly gets warmer and warmer :P
23:34 <chris> "simply sleep"
23:35 <lance> vodka helps :)
23:35 <chris> not for me.. i'm just drunk and awake ;)
23:35 <lance> haha
23:36 <lance> i'm a small guy so i quickly go into the "hmmm kinda tired, let me just rest here and close my eyes" phase
23:36 <chris> the downside of simply sleep is that sometimes it works too well
23:37 <chris> also, like just about everyone in the sysops team except the managers, i'm in the grip of one or more sleep disorders
23:37 <lance> heh
23:38 <chris> no joke, there are a variety of mental and physical maladies that people who excel in my line of work seem to have in common
23:40 <chris> for example, just to demonstrate how serious it is, the other day we're driving back to the office from lunch. me, eddie, tom and
dave. i mention that the bmw in front of us has its passenger door cracked open
23:40 <chris> eddie, sitting in front of me on the passenger side says he's been trying hard not to look at it
23:41 <chris> OCD. but i'm the same way
23:41 <chris> so tom, who is driving, tail the guy for an extra couple of miles just to fuck with me and eddie.
23:42 <chris> the point is, dave is probably the most well adjusted of the four of us in that car

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