06 June, 2008

I am against capital punishment, but..

After I read this:


The image of Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush et al swinging from the gallows of the Hague filled me with a moments catharsis.

The cruel thought of drinking the hot tears of the twins and Laura as they watched involuntarily evacuated shit and piss drip off the shoe-less foot of their dead father and husband entered my mind.

That ended the reverie for me.

We are animals. Sick, twisted monkeys, all of us.

But a life in jail.. I think that would be fair.

I hope Khalid Sheik Mohammed is spared the death penalty. I really do. Unlike Bush, he is enough of a pragmatist to know that his death would be a great symbolic victory for the cause of Islamic extremism.

Bush may have been near death many times; driving drunk, snorting who knows what chemicals, screaming through the air at MACH 2. But Bush avoided fighting in the service of his country, and continued to shirk real responsibility all the way to the top, and does to this day.

The noose comes back out in the back of my mind. I must repress it.

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