09 August, 2009

Datacenter Confidential: Apartment Networks

As I type, I am acting out the most stereotypical (and stereotypically lazy) Unix/network admin behavior in my very own home:

My Macbook in the living room is on the Internet via my Airport (yes, I love Apple), I have a terminal open to my other Macbook (the one that my job bought for me for work), which is sitting on top of a machine racked up in a 4-post 19" rack in my bedroom, which in turn is connected to a HP Procurve switch and a 4u, 16-bay, 2 3ware raided FreeBSD machine whose only purpose for the time being is to jumpstart a 1u Rackable PC that is destined to become my new home firewall.

Let me repeat..

inet -> airport -> personal mac, work mac ( -> raid box )

And just to gild the lily, I'm running the copy of data from my laptop onto my server in screen.

I'm such a nerd.

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