12 August, 2012


One thing most adults have in common is that they've had sex at least once.

Kids run around, totally ignorant of this other, hidden, adult world of sex for years... at some point they become cognizant that adults are shielding them from sex; but also from a great many other realities.

That's biology - sex is supposed to happen at a certain time, a time that's "right", for every person.

And no one is ever prepared for it, no matter how much "sex-ed" they get.

But at any time, a person, young or old, can encounter death.

Mike encountered it, but in the abstracted world of funeral parlors: the dead were made up, laid out, and caked with make-up to look as if the corpse were sleeping.

Others aren't so insulated.

Jame's uncle Fat George took himself out with a round in the heart - he was kind enough not to blow his face off like Kurdt Cobain. If you looked past the blood soaked shirt and the pool of blood on the floor, you might think he was just asleep at his desk. Until you got close enough to smell it.

No six year old should have to experience that.


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