30 September, 2012


"I wonder if Bill Moyers and Kathleen Hall Jameson do it."


"Bill Moyers and Kathleen Hall Jameson. Do they hump? I mean, the guy is solid liberal gold, right? He's unimpeachable. So... does he hunker down with Kathleen Hall Jameson, kiss her tenderly, and stick it in... Do they fuck?"

"Who the fuck is Kathleen Hall Jameson?"

Steve does another line. The snorting sounds as loud as God.

"She's a pundit... and intellectual, I think she's a professor, she's on Moyer's Journal all the time."

"Who is Moyers," says Steve with a sniffle.

Mike grabs the cocaine, laid out on a plastic faux ceramic tray, and cuts a huge line.

"How the fuck do you not know who Bill Moyers is? What..? You're 30-something... 33? 34? Bill Fucking Moyers... on PBS!"

Mike snorts, Steve grabs the tray back.

"Don't know him."

"Fuck," Mike, sniffling, "seriously? Bill Moyers Journal? Speech writer for Carter?"

"Carter who?"

"President Fucking Carter, idiot," Mike.

"That was the guy after Reagan, the one who got caught sucking someone's dick?"

"No! What? Fuck... Are you seriously this stupid?"


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