10 November, 2012


You see some hardass motherfucker coming down the street, that guy will give it up in less than an hour.

I've stared down the hardest, bad-est killers and thugs on the planet. Tough mothers, hard headed and scarred. Tattooed up, cut up, calloused thugs that would cut your throat open if they could.

But not a single one of those shit heads ever gets out of the box without giving up their best friend, their mom and Jesus Christ Himself, if He worked the job with them, did the dirty.

Those cocksuckers don't scare me.


They scare the shit out of me.

Kids ain't got no sense, no idea about consequences, no reasons not to spit in your fucken eye and tell you to go fuck yourself.

You can't get in their heads, cuz there ain't nothing there.

I don't mean all kids.. of course you can scare the shit out of some punk from the suburbs, some mommy or daddy's kid that fucked up, got caught up in some shit they didn't plan on. That's like stealing candy from a baby. Literally.

But there are some kids that just don't have no fucken "give a fuck".

Got to have the perp give a fuck about something and dangle that shit in their face hour after hour, shit, I'm getting paid. They're chained to the table and I'd getting overtime. I got all the time I need to turn most scumbags into a plea deal, 'cept those fucken whack ass kids who truly do not give a fuck.

You ever been mugged?


Here's how it goes: some fuck will come at you, maybe with a gun, maybe a "gun", some bullshit in their pocket that ain't a gun, maybe a knife.

Every cop on the planet will put 99% of them fucks in their place before they get word one out. Muggers are lazy cowards, and you look them right in the eye when they have a gun pointed at you and you say "fuck you."

They don't know what to do with that. They run away. Muggers are like sharks, punch 'em in the nose and they pussy out, find some other mark.

But these psycho ass kids... man... shit.

This one kid, I'll never forget it.

Killed his mom. He dad was long in the wind. Killed his sister. Basically cut her fucking head off. Covered in blood when we brought his ass in.

He just laughed at us and drank soda.

But he had this empty, wild look. I will never forget it. Seen it again and again in young bucks who just do not give a fuck. Go to juvee and cut off the other inmates ears for fun.

God forbid they get out, they turn into the kind of cold killer you are lucky to get a clean shot on, no matter how much paperwork, because they are fucking feral.

Don't worry about some tough coming at you, because the laws of science and reason still work on someone who bothers to live long enough in these parts to get long in the tooth, but don't mess with the kids. They shoot first and think never.


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